Hey Shepard.  Let’s kick Illusive Man’s ass then go out for pizza and Martguerita shooter, whaddaya say?

Hey Shepard.  Let’s kick Illusive Man’s ass then go out for pizza and Martguerita shooter, whaddaya say?

Soylent Green Are MIGICHINAN!!!
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So I ran Avenging Angel through a writing analyzer and it came back comparing me with Harry Harrison who wrote Make Room! Make Room!, the basis for the film Soylent Green.

Taking a couple days off posting to the blog.  Nothing much to really post at the moment, and I think I’m still out of mig pics to post.  I’ll be back next week.

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I can take care of myself, Slann.
Zendista McKenna
Character Review: Brigit Perrin

Brigit PerrinBiography

Brigit grew up in the shadow of the Alliance Government Archology, the daughter of a restaurateur who maintained a café that was quite popular with the Alliance Marshals. Brigit grew up listening to the stories that the Marshals had to tell as she served them at her father’s café. This served to instill in her dreams of one day becoming a Marshal herself, though no one really took her seriously.

Forced To Grow Up

Shortly before her 18th birthday (9 PPT), her father’s restaurant was in the process of being robbed when Brigit returned from an errand. She found her father wounded and the burglar going through the safe. Quietly, she took up a chair and snuck up on the burglar, knocking him over the back. Unfortunately, this only served to anger the criminal as he turned his attention to her. She prepared herself for a fight, even though the criminal was twice her size.

Brigit’s fear didn’t show as she stared down the approaching criminal, but to her amazement, he stopped, knelt down and quietly surrendered before her. Brigit cautiously looked back to see Marshals Zendista McKenna and Dakkoth Starkiller standing there with weapons drawn. She stepped aside to allow them access to the criminal, who offered no resistance. Afterwards, McKenna commended Brigit for her courage and invited her to apply for the Alliance Marshal Training Academy and offered to sponsor her. After her father recovered from his wounds, she accepted McKenna’s offer with her father’s blessing.

Law & Love

Brigit graduated top of her class in 7 PPT earning high honors. Zendista McKenna, now the Alliance’s Chief Marshal, assigned her to partner with Dakkoth Starkiller. Though he was friendly to her prior to entering the academy, Dakkoth forced Brigit to truly prove her worth the Marshals, which she did several times over. It two took years, but by 5 PPT, the ice between Dakk & Perrin melted and the two started to develop a close bond with each other, going so far as to even share an apartment together. This started rumors of romance between the two, and while neither did anything to confirm or deny the rumors, there was still a level of professionalism between the two that kept them from becoming a true couple.

In The Line of Duty

Brigit Perrin’s career as an Alliance Marshal ended along with her life in 2 PPT. Brigit and Dakkoth were on the trail of Janus D’Saad, an assassin from the Humanis Federation hired to murder Zendista McKenna. The Marshals chased her into the clothing department of a retailer where a firefight ensued, resulting in Brigit being mortally wounded. Brigit died in Dakkoth’s arms as they finally professed their love for each other.

Immortal Beloved

Months after Brigit’s death, Dakkoth Starkiller continued to mourn her loss which prevented him from entering a relationship with Rhaine Quatralus. The goddess Migichina, knowing that Dakkoth would need to be able to move on in order to fulfill a greater destiny, allowed Brigit to appear before him from the Hall of Heroes. She told him how much she loved him, but encouraged him to move on. She shared Migichina’s sentiment and did not want his ability to love to die with her.


By Migichinan standards, Brigit is skinny in comparison to the typical Migichinan woman and short, standing only 5’3” tall. She is, however, fast and agile which was taken in to account during her training at the AMTA. She has light brown hair and is tan in complexion, a reflection of her clan heritage.

Character Review: Uhaii’ju Latasalaem

Uhaii'ju LatasalaemBio

Early Life

Uhaii was born in to the Dokai Clan on Meridia and was trained from a young age to become a warlock when the Priests of Merid discovered he had a natural attunement to magic and to Merid. He grew up at the Dokai Temple in his home village, but was never told who among the villagers were his parents.

He learned the Meridian magic quickly under the tutelage of the priests at the temple, however in private, he learned much darker arts from a Priest who only identified himself as “Em”. Em came to Uhaii in the darkness of night and the young priest never saw this tutor outside of his private study sessions, and Em told him never to speak of this second curriculum to the other priests as it was forbidden for them to learn the darkest secrets of Merid. Uhaii never questioned Em, even though Em’s teachings seemed to constantly diverge from those of the other priests, who placed more emphasis on unity with the environment.


By the age of 20, Em told Uhaii that it was time. Both his official and private studies were sufficiently complete and the Priests of Merid deemed Uhaii finally worthy to join them as a brother. On the eve of Uhaii’s Trial of Passage, Em visited his student one last time and revealed his true identity to Uhaii, but Uhaii was not surprised by Em’s revelation. He knew it was Merid all along that was teaching him, and it was this perception that pleased Merid the most.

Merid expressed to Uhaii dissatisfaction with the Priests at the Dokai Temple and decided it was necessary that the learn the error of their ways. Their teachings promoted peace & harmony with everything around them, but this was not Merid’s way. He sentenced them to death and gave Uhaii his own Trial of Passage: Sacrifice all in the Dokai Village and Temple.

Early the next morning, the Priests of the Dokai Temple came to Uhaii, expecting him to wear the white robes of purity, but instead found him in black pants and leather. Using the magic taught to him by Em, Uhaii unleashed ethereal energies that fried the priests, burning them to a crisp. His incantations ensured that their souls would go directly to feed Merid’s hunger, and for every soul he provided his god and master, Merid increased Uhaii’s power. The warlock made his way to the temple entrance where villagers had gathered to prepare for celebration. When they saw Uhaii emerge, they were perplexed by the dark clothes and grayed skin of the young man. Taking no time to explain himself, Uhaii unleashed an ethereal shockwave that broke the bodies of the villagers and decimated Dokai village in its entirety.

Once the deed was done, Merid appeared before Uhaii and congratulated him on a job well done, and gave him further instruction to proceed to Mara’resh. There, he would remind the royal family of Meridia whom they served. Merid cared little for the lives of the royalty, and gave Uhaii the permission to execute them should he desire, but upon Uhaii’s arrival at the royal palace, he found a court that was in disarray. The King and Queen lived in luxury as did those around them. Theirs was a policy of self indulgence, paying little mind to whom they should be grateful to for such worth.

The Dark Lord of Meridia

Uhaii found King Amatai Kolostro to be a twit. He as more concerned about food and dancing girls and didn’t care to be bothered by affairs of state. He passed many laws brought to him by the feudal barons and counts without question, and unwittingly signed away most of his power in return for tributes and wealth from the regional leaders.

His wife, Queen Estra Kolostro, knew the meaning of power but had little of it, at least officially. Because of the King’s indulgences, Queen Estra took many matters in to her own hands and averted many major problems through the use of her own feminine wiles. While King Amatai was pleased that his wife had provided him with no less than 10 children, it never occurred to him that none of the children, not even one, had any of the King’s features. He simply assumed that he was as good in bed as he was on the throne.

Uhaii saw that the King would be easily manipulated. A few simple parlor tricks ensured his place as a court wizard, but the young warlock saw that Queen Estra would be harder sell. She was still young, beautiful and smart, and she quickly saw through Uhaii’s trickery.

One night, she sent her personal servants to bring Uhaii to the palace temple where Estra waited. There, she expressed her dissatisfaction about her husband, the King and renewed her loyalty to Merid with Uhaii as her witness. Uhaii told her that Merid would find favor in her only if she offered her husband and the bastard children as sacrifices to Merid. As frightening as the notion was, she was more fearful of Merid and Uhaii and agreed.

Author’s Notes

  • Latasalaem is a last name given to all Meridian priests.
  • The character is loosely based on musician Rob Zombie (in appearance).
  • Uhaii was originally created as a wealthy Romulan engineer for the Python Fleet online FFORPG, but the character’s evolution over time turned him in to an undead warlock serving Merid, and terrorizing a number of characters and planets in the RPG. He’s been ‘killed’ quite a few times, but doesn’t seem to want to stay dead.

Name Pronunciation

Uhaii’s name is pronounced “oo-hai joo lah-tah-sah-lay-em”

Character Review: Minerva Callivare

Lady Prime Minerva CallivareBiography

Minerva Callivare was the last chieftain of Callivare Tribe and became the first Matriarch of the House Callivare as well as the first Chancellor of the newly formed Migichinan Alliance. She is credited with the modernization and industrialization of the Migichinan Alliance, as well as leading her people in to space. While she dreamed of meeting alien races, her life ended before that could become a reality.

Lady Chancellor

As Lord Prime Draesoneth’s right hand, Minerva helped her new leader transcribe laws handed down from Migichina in to the Articles of The Alliance, as well as develop new laws in areas that were not covered by the goddess. She also established the Alliance Marshals as an instrument of policy to enforce the new laws.

Lady Prime

In 6,023 PPT, Minerva replaced Lord Prime Draesoneth as Migichinan leader in a Rite of Ascension. There is some speculation that Draesoneth was growing weary of his life and yearned to be one with the goddess, and that the Rite was actually a conspiracy between Draesoneth and Callivare in order to honorably end the Lord Prime’s life and ensure that he would be replaced with an equally honorable person. Because there was no evidence to support such claims (as they were made by House Slann)), Minerva’s victory and ascension were not challenged.

The Starry Path

In 4,955 PPT, Callivare commissions a team of scientists to develop a means to put a Migichinan in to space. While there were legends that some of those who had been bonded with flying battleframes could already achieve spaceflight, Migichinan warriors didn’t make a practice of going in to space solely for the reason that there was no reason to go in to space just yet. Lady Prime Callivare announced Project Starry Path and work commenced in constructing the SFM-1, a small, reusable spacecraft that could reach space with rocket assistance and fly back to the planet on it’s own. In 5,005 PPT, the SFM-1 achieved orbit for the very first time. With this successful flight, Lady Prime Callivare created MASA, the Migichinan Aeronautics & Space Administration as an organization with the dual mission of ongoing scientific research and exploration. MASA, in addition to flying the SFM-1, started a program to develop and launch exploratory probes in to the Migichinan solar system.

The First Successions War

Lord Protector Glasbor Slann, a close friend and supporter of Lady Prime Callivare, was succeeded in a bloody Rite of Ascension by his eldest son Skathach Slann. Skathach had challenged his father because he felt that not enough was being done to represent Slann interests in the Council of Lord and abroad. Glasbor was not the same caliber of warrior his son had become and proved to be no match. Though the Council was not happy with Skathach’s presence, by law they were forced to tolerate his presence.

Unlike his father, Skathach did not support the Lady Prime and used every chance he could to belittle her. His presence in the Council was constantly disruptive and he faced literally hundreds of challenges in the Rite of Ascension. But finally, in 2,745 PPT, things changed.

House Slann united under Skathach in a bid to sack the Council of Lords and dissolve it by murdering all members of the Council. Using the might of the Slann’s private army as well as some regular army units, the Slann force marched on Migichina City and burned it to the ground. The Council of Lords was preparing to escape and flee the city when the Slann intercepted them and took them in to custody. The Council was dragged to the center of the city where Minerva was stripped of her clothing and brought before Skathach, who subsequently impaled her and tossed her broken body to the side. As he prepared to claim the title of Lord Prime for himself, Xiang Ti shifted in to his own Battleframe and charged Slann, taking up the Sword of Draesoneth which Minerva had previously given to him to carry out of the city. The combined power of Xiang Ti and the sword were too much for Skathach to handle, and Minerva’s brutal death was quickly avenged. After Skathach fell, Azanael Draesoneth appeared again before the Council of Lords and claimed Minerva’s body, as she had done for her husband, Lord Prime Draesoneth. Before vanishing, she pronounced Minerva to be a good and faithful servant of the goddess and carried her to the Hall of Heroes.


Publicly, Minerva Callivare was a no-nonsense woman and exuded confidence. Privately, she enjoyed peace and quiet, tea and a good book. She hated taking no for an answer, but would always listen to the advice of her subordinates.


Minerva Callivare was considered to be slightly below average in appearance compared to the typical Migichinan woman. Facial creases, steely eyes and a slight frown always gave her a stern appearance, but when she smiled, she could light up a room.

Character Review: Draconus


Draconus is the eldest son of the Goddess Chrysara and in the Chrysaran Pantheon, he reigns over the aspects of wisdom and magic and is the patron deity of the Vallerian Dragons. His siblings have sought him out for his wise advice and mediation of disputes, which have most often involved disputes against their youngest brother Merid.

He makes his home on Valleris, a planet created for him by his world-building sister Gaia. There, he sired a race of dragons with Destiny, a dragon believed to have been created for him by his own mother in order to provide her son with a mate. To this day, he keeps a daily appointment with Destiny for tea, and occasionally to engage in other more intimate pursuits with her.

The Meridian Occupation

While he loves Merid as well, Merid’s adversarial stance in the pantheon has often forced Draconus to take a hard line with Merid, even to the point where the dragon god has garrisoned a force of dragons on Meridia to keep an eye on both his younger brother and his elven followers. When the Migichinan invaded and occupied Meridia (without Migichina’s blessing), Draconus decided not to intercede on the behalf of the elven population. His initial estimate of the situation was that the Migichinan force would serve to keep the Meridians in check. However, when the occupation forces started committing atrocities on a regular basis, Draconus appealed to Migichina to take action. Migichina responded to this appeal by engineering the assignment of her son, Zendista McKenna, to the world as part of an anti-terrorist unit. By doing this, Zendista would see the plight of the Meridians first hand and would eventually take steps to end the occupation. While this didn’t happen quickly enough for the liking of Draconus, he accepted Migichina’s actions.


Draconus can best be described as a fatherly type, even among his siblings. With the exception of Merid, both Gaia and Migichina often defer to his judgment when he offers it.

He is generally non-violent and prefers that draconic magic be used for good and not for evil, as he has taught his children throughout the ages. Those dragons who have used magic for any evil purpose have found themselves immediately confronted by Draconus and subsequently stripped of their powers. His prohibition against using magic for evil includes a prohibition against the dark arts for all dragons, which includes combat magic and necromancy. This prohibition, however, does allow for dark arts to be used only for self defense. Necromancy is never to be used by a dragon.


As a dragon, Draconus is massive in size. He measures in as 600 meters in length from nose to tail with a 400 meter wingspan. Overall he is gray, with smoke gray wings, scales of a hematite finish and a silver belly. His eyes typically grow blue with a smoke blue aura emanating from them.

He can also take a humanoid shape, but typically prefers not to outside of the company of his mate, Destiny.


While the full extent of Draconus’ powers are not known, he has alluded to the fact that he cannot magically create anything, including new life. While it is possible that his powers could also include Necromancy, he has never been witnessed using them.

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